General Specifications:
A. All LTPs shall be fiberglass reinforced translucent polyester panels with a minimum thickness of .055'' (8 oz./psf) formed to match the profile of the panel.
B. LTPs shall have a smooth surface and be white in color.
C. LTPs shall have a light transmission factor of 55% and a solar energy transmission of 25%.
D. All panels used in conjunction with Star standard LTPs shall be factory cut to length.
E. Roof LTPs shall have panel endlaps and sidelaps sealed wiht a non-hardening, non-toxic, pressure-sensitive butyl tape to provide an air tight seal. Sealant shall be located and shown on manufacturer's drawings.
F. The optional insulated light transmitting panels shall be designed to be field assembled with standard roof LTP to provide a one-inch dead air-space.
G. The insulated LTP can be installed over 2'-6'' or 5'-0'' purlin spaces.
H. When used with the white exterior, roof LTP the overall units shall have a light transmission factor of 45%.
I. The insulated roof LTP shall provide a U Factor of 0.50.