Univent Ventilator System
Vent Charts
A. Ventilator will be gravity type, and shall be designed to accomodate the roof slope of the building.
B. Univents, with or without dampers, will be fabricated from 26-gauge aluminum zinc alloy steel, factory white only, furnished with birdscreen and end closures.
C. Univents have a field-installed end skirt and may be installed as a single 10' unit or as continuous units in multiples of 10'.
D. The ventilator damper will be designed to operate in any position from full open to close. Pull chain as standard. Remote lever operated pull cable is optional. Cable can be furnished to extend to the building endwall or sidewall. Up to ten units in a continuous run can be operated by hand.
E. Ventilator throats will be 9''. Damper height will be over half the throat width for ample air passage and throat protection.
F. Ventilator base will be sealed at end connection with a continuous strip of sealant identical to that used for the installation of the building roof panels. Edge of the skirt will be sealed by a preformed rubber closure strip matching the roof panel configuration to close the junction between the ventilator base and roof panels.
G. Ventilator will be located as shown on the building manufacturer's drawing.